Wine Tasting Parties for Corporate Events in London

How much do our events cost?

On the face of it this is a simple enough question, but unlike some events companies we treat each client as an individual and tailor both the content and the wines to suit you.

We will always quote an overall price, rather than a ‘per head’ cost, as we calculate our prices based on the number of bottles of wine we would be using. If your event falls close to one of the cut-offs we will discuss with you if you would like more or less in the guests’ glasses.

In most cases, a larger number of guests will mean that the cost per head is lower, however this does of course depend upon what sort of wines you choose for your event.

The wines we use are drawn from wine merchants all over the country. We are not tied to one supplier, nor will we try and sell you wines at a ‘special discount on the night’ following the event. This means that we have access to literally thousands of different wines at all price points.

Even our most basic tastings feature wines that retail for a minimum of £10 per bottle. We simply do not do events with £3.99 wines as there is little point. Nor will we then charge you £25 a bottle for £10 wines – little point in that either.

So, in short, you get great wines, great presenters and great value for money.

Contact us with the location, date and size of your event and one of the team will get back to you as soon as we can.

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We always speak to our customers about their specific requirements
and all our events can be tailored to
suit your needs.

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forward to sharing a glass with
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