Wine Tasting Parties for Corporate Events in London

Private Wine Tasting Parties make an excellent gift for the person who ‘has everything’ – give them an experience they will not forget. Our tastings can be held in your home or an external venue. They are an ideal way to socialise with friends, spice up a dinner party or just simply get together a group of like minded individuals wanting to learn about wine in an informal setting.

Champagne Tuesdays offer a number of cost effective packages as gift options. We can also put together tailor made packages for those that have specific requirements. Here’s some of the feedback we’ve received from our private wine tasting parties.

Please note all prices quoted are as a guide and include the cost of wine, food where appropriate, glasses and presenting. The only extra costs on top of those quoted are for travel expenses, depending on your location (we are based in West London).

Thanks to our delightful government we have to charge 20% VAT on all events, so please note that all prices are EX VAT

Package 1: Private Wine Tasting Experience

1½ – 2 hours.
In your own home, for you and up to seven friends. This classic tasting will involve a selection of red and white wines, a Champagne and a fortified wine. Making an ideal start to a dinner party, this will be an evening your guests will not forget.
Prices start from: £325 plus VAT

Package 2: The Champagne Experience – recommended for Tuesday nights!

Minimum 1½ hours, maximum as long as you’ve got.
A fairly dangerous prospect as this deals with our very favourite subject. Champagne takes a long time to manufacture and therefore a long time to explain. Obviously this means we need a number of different Champagnes to drink while we are explaining it! Prices vary depending on what level you wish to taste at. The price below is for a standard package featuring the three main grand Marque styles, three different non vintage styles and two vintage wines. This experience is for you and up to seven friends.
Prices start from: £500 plus VAT

Package 3: Food and Wine Experience

3 hours.
A package that deals with the tricky business of food and wine pairing. During the time you will taste a number of different wines with a variety of foods, both to show what clashes and what goes well. We also cover restaurant wine lists, what to have with a starter and main course combination; we usually recommend two bottles!
Price: £450 plus VAT per session – to include wines and food.

Package 4: The Ultimate Wine Tasting Experience

A series of four 1½ – 2 hour sessions.
In your own home, for you and up to seven friends. These sessions will give you a great introduction to wine appreciation and knowledge – our tutor will give you all the information you want about wine, whilst tasting a range of products to put the theory into practice. Subjects and tastings that can be covered include:-

Care of Wine, Making Wine, Wine Faults, Matching Food & Wine, Classic Grape Varieties, Old World vs. New World, Fortified Wines, France vs. Rest of World, Champagnes and Sparking Wines, Selecting Wine in Restaurants.

Please note that this set of tastings can be tailored to your individual requirements. We can present all types of wine from across the world.
Prices from: £1250 plus VAT

Please also note that it is best not to drive to any of the above tastings, due to the alcoholic nature of the product.

To make a booking and check availability for dates (if you have specific dates in mind), please contact us.

Champagne Tuesdays Events are not sales-orientated. Guests will always be informed where they can purchase what they taste if they so wish, but the objective of the events is enjoyment and never sales. We believe in remaining objective with the wines we present, and as such use a number of wine producers and retailers to source the best wines to suit your budget and preference.

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